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Miami Criminal Defense Attorney

Omar Antonio Lopez



Born in Managua, Nicaragua, Omar Antonio Lopez is a Miami based criminal defense attorney. He is a former Miami Dade County Assistant State Attorney and a former Orange County Public Defender. His practice is exclusively dedicated to matters of Criminal Law both within the State of Florida and nationwide at the federal level.

Omar prides himself in giving each client’s case the personal attention it deserves. This means that his clients deal exclusively with him at all times.

Omar grew up in Miami. He graduated from Coral Gables Senior High School and went on to study at the University of Florida where he graduated in 2002. He then attended St. Thomas University School of Law, graduated in 2005 and became a member of the Florida Bar that same year.

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Criminal Law

White Collar Crimes White Collar Crimes
Firearm Crimes Firearm crimes
Violent Crimes Violent crimes
Theft Crimes Theft crimes
Narcotrafficking Narcotrafficking
Release Violations Release Violations


Personal Injury Law

CarMotorcycle-Accidents Car & Motorcycle Accidents
Slip-&-Fall-Accidents Slip & Fall Accidents


What Our Clients Say

Estoy muy agradecido con su trabajo, sin duda alguna el mejor abogado, infinitas gracias Omar lopez...

Alexander Varela

Best attorney in Miami

Felipe Sanchez

I am so surprise Omar do not have more feedbacks on his work. He demonstrated and acknowledged the humane society of jurisdiction of law and defended his bargain amongs many prosecutors. If there are circumstances where you are facing months to life in prison; you need Omar Lopez. He is not like any attorney. He is "THE ATTORNEY". Who can change your life for the better, not behind bars. If you do not choose him, be careful who you choose. There is many attorneys who do not care and is pleased by only the value of profits he may earn. We dealt with an attorney who charged us $10,000 for a case that was unorthodox and the case was not abbreviated to us, while we waiting for court dates, court after court, the attorney never complied anything to us. We made a decision to remove the attorney and was recommended by a friend/ colleague "THE OMAR LOPEZ". Best decision ever, not only he explain the case issues to us; the attorney we had before issued and recommended a 10 years prison sentence without us even knowing. He never stated or communicate with us. HOW DARE HE! My boyfriend was facing one count of felony gun charge and a misdemeanor. Case took over a year (MIAMI VICE).Omar was sooo GREAT! he dropped the felony gun charge and we pleaded guilty to the count of a misdemeanor battery assault. Which resolved of a 1 year probation w/ 72 hours of community service. God is good; God is great. Remember choose wisely, all attorney are not the same, if I were you; I'd pick Omar Lopez.

It's you life, so choose correctly

love conquer

Attorney Omar Lopez is the best attorney in town! My family and I extremely appreciate the hard work and dedication Mr. Lopez gave on my spouse's case these last two years. The case was for a double battery/aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and a criminal mis. My spouse was looking at a minimum seven year sentence. As mentioned before, Mr. Lopez's showed compassion every step of the way and his hard work brought everything to justice during trial. My spouse was found "not guilty" on all three counts. If anyone is looking for a criminal defense case attorney without a doubt Mr. Lopez is the one!!!!

Esther Rodriguez

Omar A. Lopez, P.A.


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