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Miami Firearm Crimes Attorney

There is estimated to be more than 20,000 gun laws in our country. These laws regulate the use of guns and other weapons by enforcing restrictions in the following ways:

Possession – it may be legal to possess a weapon but there may be restrictions to types of weapons and intended use.
Licensing – guns must and should be properly licensed.
Carrying – Florida has specific laws pertaining to the legal ability to carry weapons.
Transporting – problems can occur during the transporting of guns and weapons across state lines and within the state of Florida.
Use – there are strict restrictions as to what situations a weapon may be used.
Sale – the sale of weapons, particularly firearms, are subject to state and federal laws.
Manufacturing – weapons manufacturing laws may be strict – but also unclear.
Importation – in order to import weapons, specific laws must be followed.

If you are arrested for the improper or illegal use of any firearms be sure to call an experienced criminal defense attorney who knows Florida gun laws and can properly defend your case.

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