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Miami White Collar Crimes Attorney

The crimes in this category are almost exclusively prosecuted by the United States government. Typically, a federal agent(s) working for the FBI, DEA, ATF, US Secret Service, etc., will be involved in the investigative phase. The agents will work closely with an Assistant United States Attorney (AUSA). Together, they will build their case against the accused and the investigation can take many years. During this time it is common for the agent and the AUSA to obtain federal warrants that will allow them to obtain bank records, obtain warrants that will allow them to track the movements of persons they are investigating and obtain warrants to listen to the telephone conversations of the person they are investigating. Criminal defense attorney Omar has extensive experience in defending the following white collar crimes:

Credit card fraud:The illegal and fraudulent use and/or possession of credit cards that provide access to financial institutions.

Medicare/Medicaid fraud: Submitting false claims for services that were never rendered to the Medicare/Medicaid programs in order to receive payment. There are many participants in this area including the clinic owner, the patient recruiter, the check casher, doctors, therapists and clinic employees. It is very common for the federal government to charge all of the participants under a conspiracy charge. The government will allege that the participants agreed to commit the crime and did some act to carry out the crime.

Insurance fraud: This crime typically involves submitting insurance claims to automobile insurance companies for services that were never rendered. Typically, this crime begins with a staged accident. There are many participants in the area of insurance fraud. Those participants include the organizer of the staged accident, the occupants of the vehicle involved in the staged accident, the owner of the clinic where the passengers are directed to attend, the doctor(s) that work at the clinic, the therapists that sign documents certifying they provided treatments that were not given and office managers responsible for making sure the patients sign the false treatment reports.

Mortgage fraud: Among other acts, submitting false information that causes a lender to write a mortgage, based on that false information.

Bank fraud: Intentionally engaging in an illegal scheme in order to obtain money or property owned by the bank or financial institution.

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