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One of the most dangerous things people do every day is get behind the wheel of an automobile. There’s an average of over 1,000 car accidents every day in Florida alone. Riding a motorcycle is no safer–in many cases, motorcycle accidents can even be more fatal.

Accidents, no matter how small, are often fraught with heated emotions, confusion, and accusations by both parties. Aside from the physical and mental repercussions of an accident, there are also major legal repercussions. You would be best served getting an experienced accident lawyer such as Miami attorney, Omar A. Lopez, to help you deal with the legal fallout.

In retaining an experienced accident lawyer, you protect yourself against the legal claims that the other party may make to blame you for the accident. You also better position yourself to file for everything you’re entitled to and receive compensation for your losses. This compensation can cover expenses such as medical bills, vehicle repair, and lost wages.

If you have been injured as part of a car or motorcycle accident, regardless of whether you are a motorist or pedestrian, contact the Law Offices of Omar Lopez.

At Omar Lopez Law, we

1) Help you understand your rights

The legal landscape is ever-changing and personal injury laws vary by state. It is important to make informed decisions with your lawyer to get the best possible results.

This is also important in insurance claims, as several insurance companies may try to take advantage of your ignorance. You need an experienced lawyer to help you navigate the truth.

2) Offer legal advice

Accidents and personal injury cases are dealt with on a case-by-case basis. Without an expert helping you go through all the complications of the case, you’re likely to make mistakes, which can result in a loss of thousands of dollars.

With an experienced car/motorcycle accident lawyer, you get professional advice on how best to navigate your case and receive full financial compensation, and the best chance at a successful vehicle accident case.

3) Represent you in court

Thankfully, most accident cases are resolved long before they get to court. However, there’s still a possibility that your case may have to proceed to court. Insurance companies are more likely to offer a suitable settlement to someone who has a car/motorcycle accident lawyer.

In cases where you need to go to trial, Miami accident attorney Omar Lopez may be your only real shot at winning the case. This is because he can help you gather and store evidence that is difficult to get on your own and will fight ruthlessly for your right to compensation.

4) Assess the full extent of your damages

In the days or weeks following an accident, it’s easy to overlook the comprehensive effects of the accident on you and your health. While you may not feel anything wrong with your body immediately after the accident, it is very common to feel the effects in the days following. Omar Lopez will look at all the ways the accident affected you and might possibly continue to affect you in the future.

He will take into consideration your current and future medical costs, the emotional and mental impact of the accident, and how your injuries will affect your ability to work.

You do not have to go through your accident case alone. Get professional help and significantly improve your chances to get necessary compensation. Contact the Law Office of Omar A. Lopez today to get started!

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